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Archive for January, 2013

Podcast Interview with Roar Echo

“Where have you been??  Why are you back to posting sporadically again?!?!”

Calm down, folks.  You have to trust that when things are silent I’ve always got something going on in the background.  Frequent posts will start again soon, but for today I’ve got a podcast interview – more of a conversation – that I did with Shawn Mathenia  of Roar Echo.  Topics of discussion include the start of The Movie Mark, by approach to movie reviews, movie screenings, Josh Brolin, The Gangster Squad, and more!

This experience has given me the motivation to consider starting a podcast of my own.  Stay tuned.  For now, enjoy!

Gangster Squad Featurette: Next Level

How do you take a gangster movie to the next level?  Add Josh Brolin as the leading protagonist, of course.  Enjoy the second Gangster Squad featurette.

Gangster Squad opens Friday January, 11th in theaters everywhere.

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