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MoviegoersA trip to your local theater isn’t always a peaceful experience these days.  You have lines to wait in, outrageous ticket/concession prices to pay, and inconsiderate moviegoers to deal with.  Going to the movies should be an opportunity to check out of life’s hustle and bustle for a couple of hours.

Unfortunately, humanity is a fallen race, and we simply have to deal with what the world throws at us.  In an effort to relieve a little of your stress, I’ve created this handy guide to help you spot some of the characters whose paths you’re likely to cross at the theater.

Remember, your day is shaped by your attitude.  If you let somebody else’s actions control your attitude then you allow them to control the rest of your day.  The choice is yours – concede defeat and let them push you past your boiling point, or recognize them for what they are and have a good laugh at their expense.

Or better yet, call in The Movie Mark to help cleanse our theaters of these villains.

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