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Humans are very strange creatures.  What is it about a supermarket line or the Interstate that makes a person’s IQ automatically drop by approximately 50 points?  Do you ever witness people doing such outlandishly stupid things that you can’t help but wonder how they actually manage to survive life on a daily basis?

What’s wrong with this world?  Every day I see people doing things that don’t make sense.  Things that make me shake my head in shock.  Things that are so mind-numbingly inexplicable that you don’t know how to react.  Things that make you stare in bewilderment and ask, “WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?”

I may not have all of life’s answers, but I have a responsibility to help people see the error of their fallen ways.  I am urging you, dear reader, to answer that call as well.  You’re reading The Movie Mark, so I know your IQ level is higher than the average person’s.  Now you can either rest comfortably because of that or you can join me in my crusade to stamp out the plague of stupidity that is running rampant across this great nation.  Will you accept your responsibility?

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