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“What’s the Size 11 Club of Awesome Lists?” I’m glad you asked! If you’ve been reading The Movie Mark long enough then you should be well aware that I’m a trail blazer. I don’t just take the road less traveled; I create roads where they have no business existing. What’s that have to do with this section? Well, everybody and their puppy does “Top 10″ lists.  Not me.  I do “Top Whatever Number I Want at Any Given Time” lists.

I love to observe. But more than that, I never fail to form an opinion on my observations. So why not create a few lists that reflect these opinions? Whether it’s exposing the lamest characters in the He-Man universe or preparing you for some of the crazy people you might run into at the theater, the Size 11 Club (named in honor of my Size 11 Biker Boots) is sure to educate, enthrall, and entertain.

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