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Cage Superman

If you’ve read The Movie Mark much then you know that Batman is my favorite superhero.  I’ve never really been a big Superman fan.  I enjoyed Smallville, but all the movies have pretty much been garbage.  Let’s face it; Superman Returns was little more than a waste of $250 million.  However, I must say that Man of Steel looks really, really good.  I’m sure in no small part due to Christopher Nolan’s input.

But as bad as the previous Superman movies have been, did you know that the Superman averted a crisis in the 90s that stands as the “too close for comfort” cinematic equivalent of the Bay of Pigs?

“Really?  How could it have gotten any worse than Superman 3 with Richard Pryor?”

Yes, that was pretty bad, but get this: we almost had a Superman movie directed by Tim Burton, starring Nicolas Cage.  I’ll give you a moment for the laughter to subside…

Now if you want to see a small glimpse of how bad this could have been then check out the video of Superman’s light-up suit below.

I can only assume that he would’ve been most useful at Raves or disco joints.  The movie was to be titled Superman Lives.  I can neither confirm nor deny that the closing credits would’ve included Superman (in the light up suit) dancing to Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive.

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