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Putting smiles on faces via the gift of hilarity. It’s what I do. Whether it’s searching for meaning amidst the everyday, mundane aspects of life; trumpeting my annoyance of the proliferation of cell phone use at the theaters; or simply making fun of Tom Cruise’s height, I can find a way to spin a tale about anything.

And why not? We all need something to rally behind or think about. Or perhaps we just need to laugh. Whatever it is you need at the moment, you’ll find it here. I recognize there’s an outside chance that you won’t always agree with my take, and that’s OK. Just keep in mind that this is simply my opinion; you could be wrong.

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An interesting feature on Word.
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What do The Movie Mark and Chinese bootleg DVDs have in common?
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Fast Food Employee Incompetence
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An exclusive interview with Mike Donehey, lead singer of Tenth Avenue North.
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