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The MovieMark Movie Rating Guide

The Movie Mark Rating Board (MMRB) ratings* are designed to provide concise and extremely biased information regarding the entertainment content in movies in order to allow movie-goers, especially those with good taste, to make an informed purchasing decision. Time and money are valuable, and it’s my goal to help you save both.


5 Boots A film that reaches this rare air deserves to be seen on the biggest screen possible.  If you don’t add it to your DVD collection then you need to tweak your taste.


4 Boots It may have a few noticeable flaws, but it’s still worthy of watching on the big screen and should be considered for addition to the home collection.


3 Boots It’s watchable, but it’s not worthy of a huge time or financial investment. It’s worth a rental or matinee showing at best.


2 Boots Watch at your own risk. You’ve been warned, and I wash my hands of all responsibility. You might stomach it, but you won’t receive any nutritional value.


1 Boot Buyer’s Remorse. There MAY be some “so bad it’s hilarious” value to this one, but spend no more than a dollar at Redbox, and don’t dare watch it alone.


No boots for you! Viewer’s Remorse. I regret the precious hours I wasted on this, and ignoring my warning is nothing more than a blatant act of rebellion. Don’t expect my sympathy.


*The highly unique “boots” ratings are in honor of The Movie Mark’s infamous size 11 biker boots.

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