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In today’s exclusive Men in Black 3 clip, Josh Brolin and Will Smith take a ride on what looks to be some futuristic motorcycles.  Although we know they’re not futuristic because this takes place in the 60s.  However, they’re more futuristic than anything we’ve got today.  I’m sure it’s stuff the government is hiding from us.  In Roswell, no doubt.

I’m fairly devastated that I won’t be able to attend the MIB3 screening tonight, but I have a previous engagement to save the world via softball.  However, my lovely wife and one of her friends will be attending, and I will report their feedback.  Granted, I should probably question why my wife has chosen watching MIB3 over watching me dominate on the softball field, but alas, it’s hard to deny someone the opportunity to see Josh Brolin display his talents on the big screen a full three days before the rest of the world.  Rest assured, my plan is to see it sometime this weekend and have a review for you next week.

For now, enjoy the clip and please tell all your friends to pay The Movie Mark a visit.

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