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Snow White and the Huntsman movie review

“I was on board for a re-imagining of the Snow White fairy tale.  Unfortunately, the film’s lack of imagination caused me to jump ship.  The uneven pacing, uninteresting dialogue, and uninspired action all make for one big missed opportunity.  Sure, the cinematography is easy on the eyes, and the special effects provide a little fun, but overall the film gives us no real substance, and to be honest, not enough style to compensate.”

If you haven’t seen Snow White and the Huntsman yet, and you’re thinking of seeing it this weekend, well, you might want to read my review first.

Look for my review of Men in Black 3 on Monday.  I originally planned to post it today as well, but I needed a couple of more days to figure out how to verbally convey the acting master class that Josh Brolin delivers.  Y’all have a great weekend.

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