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Who remembers Rebecca Black’s “song” Friday?  Don’t worry; if you have never heard of it then I’ll acquaint you with it tomorrow.

Everybody is intimately aware that November typically kick-starts a two-month long inundation of Christmas songs.  But where are all the Thanksgiving songs?  Well, you need lose sleep over that question no longer.  Patrice Wilson – the Friday songwriter – has once again made an attempt to end the music industry as we know it with a new song called It’s Thanksgiving.  This time it’s an unfortunate young lady by the name of Nicole Westbrook whose misguided desire for fame has put her in the cross-hairs of public ridicule.

This Patrice guy just creeps me out.  It’s not enough that he writes and produces this stuff, but he insists on appearing in and singing in the videos.  This time he wears a turkey suit, a ridiculously out-of-place scarf, and perpetuates stereotypes.  The man clearly has no shame.  Sadly, he probably has plenty of money.

I know this is brutal to watch, but hang on until 2 1/2 minutes in when Ms. Westbrook starts to rap at the dinner table.  If this doesn’t make you want to sing “mashed potatoes on my table” into a turkey leg then I don’t know what will!  Enjoy.

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