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Alone In The Dark

“‘Alone in the Dark’ likely describes the status and location that accompanied the uncontrollable sobbing of anybody who invested money in this film.”

As all you fine readers know, my old site contained almost 500 movie reviews.  A handful of them were actually pretty good.  So I’ve decided to embark on the adventure of adding the old reviews to the new site.  Not only will a good review repository bolster the site, but it will be a good way for me to post more frequently.

“But we’ve already read most of those reviews!”

Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t.  But how many times have you re-watched a good movie or re-read a good book?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.  Re-read the reviews and reflect and reminisce.  You’re welcome.

Today I have updated a classic – my hilarious review of Uwe Boll’s criminally bad Alone in the Dark.  I just re-read it and laughed all over again.  You will too.


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