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No, seriously, let’s not call it that.  I’ve made a “comeback” several times, only to disappear shortly thereafter.  But this feels different.

I’ve been re-reading old posts and articles of mine recently, and I must admit that I’ve found them quite entertaining.  I think 2004-2007 truly were the glory days of The Movie Mark.  Once I helped launch Josh Brolin’s career into the stratosphere, well, I haven’t had the same drive.  Once that particular goal was accomplished, what else was left?

“I want to be a famous Rotten Tomatoes reviewer!  I want to make money off this!  I want to be quoted on DVD cases!”

In order to do all of that, I had to be something I wasn’t.  The “Johnny Betts” that you know and love had to compromise.  But a compromised Johnny Betts is not the Johnny Betts you know and love.  Sounds like the beginning of a Christopher Nolan movie.  The fact of the matter is, I’ve already been quoted on the back of Chinese bootleg DVDs.  What more could a guy ask for?

I think it’s time I got back to writing for the love of it, for the reader’s enjoyment, and for the ridicule of stupidity across this nation.  And let’s face it – this nation becomes more stupid by the day.

So how about I just go back to being awesome and displaying that through my writing?  Sounds like a plan to me.

Now if I can round up all seven of my previous readers then I’ll be off to a start.  Not a good one, mind you, but it’s a start…

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