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When Life Becomes an Adam Sandler Movie

Happy Gilmore“You’re in my world now, Grandma.”

I understand that the police sometimes have to use force when subduing somebody, but check out the following article:

Police Wail on a 71-Year-Old-Woman

You’re gonna have a hard time convincing me that the only way to subdue A 71-YEAR-OLD BLIND WOMAN is by kicking, pepper spraying, and tasing her.  Oh, and knocking out her prosthetic eye, of course.  She’s old, blind, hard of hearing, and she was alone.  What is she supposed to do when a strange man shows up unannounced at her home and decides to wield what little authority he has?  For all she knew, this guy could have been there to rob or deceive her.   And one of the cops kicked her because she kicked him? Does Portland higher 1st graders on their police department?

This is one of the most bizarre cases I’ve ever heard. And in case you’re wondering, yes, I do have a way to tie all of this into the movies!

Rumor has it, although I haven’t confirmed it, that the city employee who showed up at her house looked eerily similar to Ben Stiller’s orderly character from Happy Gilmore.  Apparently he told the old woman that she was gonna have to remove the shrubs herself and that her back was gonna hurt because she’d just “pulled landscaping duty.” When he served her with the administrative search warrant, she asked if she could trouble him to read the warrant to her and he responded that she could trouble him for a warm glass of shut-the-[heck]-up. She tried to resist, and well, you now know the rest of the story.

Sad, so sad. I’ll end with a quote from the woman’s lawyer:

“To kick the crap out of old folks seems a little bit much to me in the name of law enforcement.”

Try as I might, that’s a statement I really can’t argue with.

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