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The Movie Mark: China’s Reviewer of Choice
Chinese Dvd

Actual photo of the Chinese bootleg DVD that includes a part of my review (without my permission).

This is one of the greatest emails I’ve ever received.  This young lady – Ala – is an American living in China.  Enjoy her story of the unique way she found The Movie Mark…

“Before the events described in my main point, mentioned below, I would probably never have discovered your site, but I’m now glad I did!  Cheers for that! :D

I am currently in China enjoying time with my family, and over here I’m sure you’ll know it is full of illicit DVDs – EVERYWHERE.  And I mean, everywhere. You’re in the middle of a tiny village of somewhere remote and…

Bang!  Another DVD shop, full to the brim with pictures of Japanese CGI game characters badly-photoshopped standing next to Aragorn from LotR with the legend ‘Eric the Viking’ stuck across the front, the blurb half-Korean, half-Russian (worth buying simply for that, lol).

Taking a look on the back of my cousin’s copy of National Treasure I found something quite typical – a block of text which has blatantly been copied off the Internet and is in fragments.  So I type the first few lines of this blurb into Google, simply to see what happens.  And hey – presto!  “The Movie Mark” comes up with this review done by a certain Johnny Betts, so I go to the hate mail page and find his email address…”

*Editor’s Note: I love the fact that she found my email address on the Hate Mail page*

“It’s the funniest thing ever, thinking that any random person, whether 17 or 35, whether in Paris or Toronto, could have their mini online fandoms splattered across the back of a DVD cover in Fujian, or wherever.”

This is classic.  I have no idea why my review was chosen to be copied on to the back of this DVD, and I certainly had no idea prior to Ala emailing me this story.  A picture of the DVD can be seen at the top of this article.  You’ll notice that they only included fragments of my review.  Couldn’t they have at least used a full paragraph instead of cutting my poetic review off in mid-sentence?

This is hilarious, but let’s hope I’m not accused of selling bootleg DVDs to the Chinese and forcing them to agree to put my reviews on the back of ‘em.

Whatever the case, I have some new t-shirt ideas.

“The Movie Mark – China’s Reviewer of Choice.”

Or how about, “The Movie Mark – The Voice of the China Nation.”

Or maybe, “The Movie Mark – Hey, at least the Chinese bootleg DVD market likes him.”


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2 Responses to “The Movie Mark: China’s Reviewer of Choice”

  • Steven:

    SUE! Then quote them. “The Movie Mark – China’s Reviewer of Choice.”
    But you have to do it in Engrish. Translate to Chinese, then back to English: “Film critic Mark – China’s choice.”

  • The Movie Mark:

    I like it. This would also make a great movie. If I can work in a subplot about China’s oppression of women then it’s got Oscar written all over it.

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