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Dakota Chronicles 1: Nun Chuck - A Movie Mark Original

Tagline: Thou shalt have no other beards before his.
Cast: Chuck Norris, Beard Norris

Nun Chuck

When it’s discovered that the IRA (the Irish Republican Army – a militant Catholic organization) is plotting an attack on the United States and is working with the Mafia, the President has no choice but to call in the country’s most dangerous weapon – the highly classified secret agent Tuff Dakota (Chuck Norris).

Dakota must devise a plan to infiltrate the IRA and the Mafia and thwart their plans.  He must gain their trust, and the only way he can figure to do that is by going undercover as a nun.  Dakota soon learns that sometimes there are tougher things than fighting the bad guys – try explaining your neatly-trimmed beard to the Mother Superior.

Join Norris in this new adventure as he delivers both roundhouse kicks and bad one-liners (“I’m gonna drop you like a bad nun’s habit”) to a variety of stereotypical villains.

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