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Commode-o Dragon - A Movie Mark Original

Tagline: All he ever wanted to be was a peaceful pet ... until he became FLUSH with anger!
Cast: Corbin Bernsen, KaDee Strickland

Commodeo Dragon

Jack A. Lope (Corbin Bernsen) has always wanted to be a good father. The fact that he’s a raging alcoholic cancels out any of the positive strides he makes. Things seem to be on the right path when he buys his son the baby lizard that he has always wanted. But everything changes when, in an alcoholic fit of rage, Jack flushes his son’s lizard down the toilet.

Unbeknownst to Jack, the entire town of Chemville is about to be changed. Jack lives near Chemicals R Us – known affectionately as “The McDonald’s of Chemical Plants” in Louisiana. After the lizard survives a harrowing trip through the sewers that are located under Chemicals R Us, it begins to mutate into a human-sized dragon – what will come to be known as THE COMMODE-O DRAGON!

The Commode-o Dragon develops an insatiable appetite – for both humans and revenge. Intent on finding the man who flushed him down the toilet and ruined his dream of being a child’s pet, the Commode-o Dragon lives in the sewers and feeds on people as they sit on the toilet. Unfortunately, the Commode-o Dragon is not good with directions, so he can’t remember which pipes will take him directly to Jack’s house. He has no choice but to leave a slew of victims in his wake until he reaches his goal.

Can Jack sober up long enough to defeat the dragon and save the town, or will his addiction be the death of him?

KaDee Strickland co-stars as Jill, Jack’s beautiful yet tough-as-nails and thickly-accented wife.

Climactic Scene:  During Jack’s monstrous bathroom fight scene with the dragon,  Jill bursts in and deadpans, “Hey Jack, it’s time we close the lid on the Commode-o once and for all!”

She then pulls out a shotgun, aims it right at the dragon, and yells, “This is for leaving the seat up!”

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