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Dakota Chronicles 3: Tres-Pastor - A Movie Mark Original

Tagline: He'll Invade Your Home; He'll Invade Your Soul.
Cast: Gary Busey, Chuck Norris, Beard Norris


Sinnis Turr (Gary Busey) arrives in a small Southern town, presenting himself as a pastor with the intention of winning souls to his flock.  Believing his assertion that he is not of this world, the town soon learns just how accurate that statement is – he’s a demon sent to earth to gather recruits for an upcoming battle between good and evil – a showdown of Biblical proportions!

Everybody’s favorite bearded rogue cop, Tuff Dakota (Chuck Norris), has recently reclaimed his faith in God – a faith that he lost long ago when his wife and child were taken from him in a tragic accident.  One day he hears the voice of God (voice cameo by Morgan Freeman) telling him he is the one chosen to stop the Tres-Pastor and his plans.

With little to rely on other than his faith and a devastating roundhouse, Dakota quickly learns that God may tell us to forgive our trespassers, but He’s silent on the issue of Tres-PASTORS.  Beard ensues.

Climactic Scene: As Dakota and Turr face off, Dakota tells him, “I’m gonna hit you with so many right hands of God that you’ll be begging for a left.”  After making good on his promise, Dakota prepares to finish his opponent.  Turr throws his hands up for mercy and pleads, “Wait! What happened to turning the other cheek?”

Dakota pauses, turns to the camera, removes the toothpick from his mouth, and coolly whispers, “Well go ahead and turn it so I can kick it as well.”

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2 Responses to “Dakota Chronicles 3: Tres-Pastor”

  • Oleg:

    That would be fun in a weird way, though it seems to me Gary Busey already did fight Chuck Norris once in Walker series.

  • The Movie Mark:

    Wow, you’re right. Busey was indeed on an episode of Walker. This is perfect. Now the film can make a lot of hype about a Norris/Busey rematch!

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