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Queen Bee: Breakin’ Out in Hives - A Movie Mark Original

Tagline: Neglected her whole life, now she'll never be A DRONE!
Cast: Stephen Baldwin, Clare Wren, and Ty Miller

Queen Bee: Breaking Out in Hives

Blessed with a natural beauty and Southern charm, Rachel (Wren) never had a problem attracting men. Unfortunately, she seemed cursed to always attract the wrong men. True love forever eluding her, Rachel must often resort to the beauty and tranquility of her well-kept garden to bring her peace and happiness.

That peace is shattered one day when Rachel is repeatedly stung by a radioactive bee in her garden, turning her into a human-sized Queen Bee. Her instinct now leads her on a mission to turn all the men who spurned her into her drones. Two of her intended victims – the wise-cracking surfer, Brolin (Baldwin), and his computer programming friend Josh (Miller) – are responsible for stopping her BEE-stly rampage.

Brolin’s expertise as a surfer has helped him learn all about the importance of weather conditions and gives him an inside track on how to possibly take Queen Bee out of her element while Josh thinks he may have discovered a “computer algorithm” that could reverse the process. In what is sure to be known as a classic reunion of The Young Riders alum, bad one-liners, cheesy puns, and incorrect techno jargon ensue.

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