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Twombstone AKA 2wombstone - A Movie Mark Original

Tagline: If you thought The Return of Josey Wales WITHOUT Clint Eastwood was the worst idea for a Western sequel ever...
Cast: Michael Parks, C. Thomas Howell, Jan-Michael Vincent


More than 20 years after his ill-conceived “starring” role in the inexplicable The Return of Josey Wales, Michael Parks attempts to sully the good name of another classic Western.  Taking sequels and the naming of sequels with numbers in the title to all new blasphemous and ridiculous levels, Twombstone AKA 2wombstone follows the story of Wyatt Earp (Parks) as he’s faced with the responsibility of burying his recently deceased friend, Doc Holliday (C. Thomas Howell).

While burying Doc with an iron shovel, lightning strikes the shovel, creating a current through the ground that somehow brings Doc back to life.  Earp may not be able to explain what has just happened, but he’s certainly willing to take advantage of it.  The timing of Holliday’s resurrection couldn’t be more appropriate because a new gang of cowboys has ridden into Tombstone causing much trouble, and Earp can use his old friend’s help.

Little does he know that when Doc came back from the grave, he brought a whole slew of otherworldly powers with him.  Join Wyatt and Doc in the sequel to 1993′s classic Tombstone and experience a clash of Sci-Fi and Westerns the likes of which you have never seen before!  And which you will hope to never see again…

Climactic Scene: Having been brought back to life as well, Johnny Ringo (Jan-Michael Vincent) leads the new gang of cowboys in their assault on Tombstone.  But they’re no regular cowboys – they’re zombie versions of all the cowboys that Wyatt Earp killed in his rampage from the original movie.  When Ringo and Doc finally square off for their much anticipated rematch, Doc replies, “Why Johnny Ringo, you look like someone just raised you from your grave.”

Doc then uses his otherworldly powers to send electric shocks into Ringo’s body.  As Ringo shakes convulsively, Doc deadpans, “You want fries with that shake?” With that he hits Ringo with another powerful volt of electricity, frying him even worse and completely draining him of his life-force.

After killing Ringo for a second time, Doc stands over his body and replies, “It would appear that the DRAIN was more than he could bear.”

Fade to black. Cue credits. Everybody goes home extremely angry and mortified.

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